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Aug. 12th, 2007


Travellin' Man

I'm looking at next year's schedule, in terms of travel plans. It's starting to look like I'm heading to California at least twice (maybe three times) - once for the twins' graduation, once for Cindy's wedding, and hopefully, once for the Nerd Prom, Geekapalooza itself, San Diego Comic Con.

But then there's the (relatively) local cons: Ad Astra in March, which I have to (willingly, gleefully even) attend because it's the launch of my short story, "The Mysterious Case of Spell Zero"; Polaris in July... World Fantasy Con in Calgary in November conflicts with Cindy's wedding, which I'm not going to miss. It's unlikely that I'll do Anime North next year, despite the good time I had this year. It's a good con, though... I dunno. It all depends on my finances, ultimately.

Kaleidoscope next year conflicts with my 20-year high school reunion, but I'm not missing KG again if I can absolutely help it. I'll go up for the few days leading up to the reunion on Saturday, drive home for the reunion (missing the Bardic, alas), drive back to KG afterwards. AND San Diego Comic Con is the weekend before KG... I'd have to get off the plane and drive right to the campsite, LOL!

Of course, in order to go to all these conventions and festivals and events, I'll need fifteen days of vacation at least. And the money to pay for them all.

Selling a novel would take care of the money...

Did I forget to mention that all this in the midst of having convinced myself that next year I absolutely, without fail, will go camping at least once a month come summer? LOL...

May. 27th, 2007



Solty Rei, dammit.

That's the anime I was looking for, all those months ago.

Jul. 31st, 2004


I finally get it!

I think...

Remember a few months back, I was watching Utena the series, and got to the end, and was all hulk-out-ingly pissed off because the end built up to all kinds of promised explanations and then explained nothing?

So sandman7 send me an email, saying, oops, he didn't give me the final episodes, because he was missing the final DVD. Turns out I watched all the way up to episode 36... of a 39 episode series.

No wonder it didn't make any sense.

Anyhow, so now I've watched the ENTIRE series.

It's good. I like it. A lot. It's weird. A lot. But not like, Evangelion-nervous-breakdown-inducingly weird. But weird enough to keep you guessing.

Verdict? I'd own it one day... after buying all kinds of other stuff first. Most notably Cowboy Bebop the series, which seems to have disappeared from any kind of availability whatsoever. And Escaflowne, which was just gorgeous and all kinds of cool.

May. 13th, 2004


(no subject)

Man I feel old and tired today... dunno why, just do. *shrugs* Maybe it's because I spent all afternoon searching through 15,000 file folders for three that were missing... and no, we didn't find them.

So I was listening to my Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack at work today. Man I loved that game. Crap... imagine being nostalgic about a game. I miss it. The music brings back all kinds of memories and emotions. Just the music! Damn!

Yeah, pretty sure I'm a geek alright...

In other news, a new girl started in my department today. Little blond cutie (she's got a boyfriend, relax) who seems pretty smart and will fit in pretty well.

Let's see... random stuff... went to see my roomie's and a gang of my friends' art show at their studio right after work. Great stuff guys! You need a website so I can link you!

Life is a journey, not a destination... I keep telling myself that. Even though lately it seems like I'm at one of those rest stops on the side of the highway, watching all the other cars go by.

Anyhow. Maybe beer will help.

May. 9th, 2004


(no subject)

So the last few months (pretty much ever since I first saw Kill Bill vol.1) I've been studying anime. I've seen lots. Not lots and lots, but lots. Also watching some old kung fu type movies. And renting Crouching Tiger a lot. Last night I watched Kill Bill vol.1 again, and this morning The Last Samurai.

Then this morning a thought struck me: I think I want to go to Japan.

This is a new experience for me.

Apr. 9th, 2004



So, okay. I'm watching Revolutionary Girl Utena.

I don't want to know the end. Don't tell me, let me watch and see. What I want to know is, somebody, Rene, Julie, Jen, Marc, Karine, SOMEBODY, tell me there's a point.

Tell me it's not weirdness for the sake of weirdness.

Tell me, at some point, there is an episode where somebody says something and suddenly ALL THE PIECES FALL INTO PLACE and I say OH MY GOD THAT'S IT!!!

Because I gotta tell ya... it's pretty fucking weird. Not like, "Akira!" "Tetsuo!" *SLO-MO EXPLOSION* *weird brain-tentacle thing* *GONG* level of weird... Not anywhere CLOSE to Evangelion's nervous-breakdown inducing levels of seriously fucked up.

But you know, weird.

Mar. 11th, 2004


(no subject)

I found that Sci Fi Anime place (called "Sci Fi Anime") and rented a bunch of anime.

sandman7, you'll be pleased to know that the guy there remembers you - I told him you recommended his place, and he said, "Oh yeah? That bum?"

So! On to the Anime review!

Okay, Hellsing? Is VERY cool.

And Cutey Honey is nice innocuous fanservice...

Still waiting on Dirty Pair...

And have I mentioned Witch Hunter Robin? ROCKS!!!!


Feb. 29th, 2004



Okay so... am I the last to know this?

They're developing an animated film based on Final Fantasy VII? A sequel to the actual game? And they've redesigned the characters more realistically instead of the chibi style they had in the game?

Ooooooooooo... Sephiroth... how I hated him.

Almost as much as I hated Seifer. But enough about my hate! Let's talk about the geekgasm I had when I found out about Final Fantasy: Advent Children (which is the name of the upcoming film, due out next year some time)...

Okay, truthfully? I don't like the chibi style for Final Fantasy games. It's... I dunno. Silly looking. Considering the generally speaking serious story lines of the FF games, seeing a chibi Cloud whisper his dying profession of love just doesn't have the same impact as if it were the more realistic Squall. So that they've redesigned the characters more realistically is A-Okay with me!

*sigh* Only a year until the release...

(no subject)

OH by the way...

Witch Hunter Robin ROCKS!!

I love it. I will own it one day. Oh yes... oh yessssss...

Feb. 17th, 2004


To me, my Geeks!

So Huckle at work lends me the Escaflowne soundtrack to listen to while I dig through the various mortgages that make up my regions...

I put it in the player and the opening chords start up and suddenly I'm there, the beauty, the tragedy, the joy, the sorrow, the magic and wonder, the horrors and terrors...

And I realize that I could own Escaflowne. *nodly nods* Yep. If space and money were no factors, I would enjoy having Escaflowne in my DVD collection. Alongside Cowboy Bebop and Read or Die, of course.

It got me thinking about other Anime I'd perhaps consider owning. Blood The Last Vampire was very good. Project A-Ko is hilarious silly fun. Evangelion is just the right amount of typical giant robot anime and weirdass fucked up anime to make it interesting, but I'm not sure I'd want to own it. Utena, now... Utena is ownable.

But my Anime education is yet incomplete! Where to turn now?

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