Aug. 12th, 2007


Travellin' Man

I'm looking at next year's schedule, in terms of travel plans. It's starting to look like I'm heading to California at least twice (maybe three times) - once for the twins' graduation, once for Cindy's wedding, and hopefully, once for the Nerd Prom, Geekapalooza itself, San Diego Comic Con.

But then there's the (relatively) local cons: Ad Astra in March, which I have to (willingly, gleefully even) attend because it's the launch of my short story, "The Mysterious Case of Spell Zero"; Polaris in July... World Fantasy Con in Calgary in November conflicts with Cindy's wedding, which I'm not going to miss. It's unlikely that I'll do Anime North next year, despite the good time I had this year. It's a good con, though... I dunno. It all depends on my finances, ultimately.

Kaleidoscope next year conflicts with my 20-year high school reunion, but I'm not missing KG again if I can absolutely help it. I'll go up for the few days leading up to the reunion on Saturday, drive home for the reunion (missing the Bardic, alas), drive back to KG afterwards. AND San Diego Comic Con is the weekend before KG... I'd have to get off the plane and drive right to the campsite, LOL!

Of course, in order to go to all these conventions and festivals and events, I'll need fifteen days of vacation at least. And the money to pay for them all.

Selling a novel would take care of the money...

Did I forget to mention that all this in the midst of having convinced myself that next year I absolutely, without fail, will go camping at least once a month come summer? LOL...