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Jul. 27th, 2004


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Jun. 21st, 2004


Finally some GOOD news about work...

Because my department deals with the rest of Canada, namely, Ontario, we are needed to work on June 24th, which is St-John-the-Baptist Day in Quebec, also called La Fete Nationale ("The National Festival") even though it's only celebrated here in Quebec, which was all part of the whole Nationalist agenda to make French Quebecers feel distinct and superior to the rest of Canada.


So working on a Provincial Holiday for the Bank equals (get this, are you ready for this?) DOUBLE TIME AND A HALF.




Half a week's pay for one day of work? Yes please!

Jun. 7th, 2004


There and Back Again - A Talyesin's Tale

So no shit, there I was.

The roomie gave me a lift to the airport Wednesday morning and just a little while later I was on plane for the first time in my adult life. I LOVE FLYING!! (Note to self: Always, always get a window seat. Because even if it's cloudy it's a better view than the back of a chair and a long aisle to the fat flight attendant's butt. Oh, and two packs of gum, and no more than 800 pages of novel and 10 CDs.)

Minneapolis Airport was nice, and I had time to get a Midwest staple, a SAUSAGE. Inna bun! Then off again.

Did I mention I love flying?

San Diego. My flight was a little early, so I wait for Cindy to show up and there she is, gorgeous as always! She shows me her beautiful town (it really is beautiful) and then off to Old San Diego (called Old Town - no shit!) and Mexican food. BEST GUACAMOLE EVER!! And lobster burritos! Then she shows me the extremely scenic Balboa Park... lots of fun! We went back to her place and watched anime and ate lobster bisque and St.Andre cheese! Chobits is TOO FUNNY! And TRIGUN RULES!!!

Next day we watch more Trigun, have a picnic lunch, and head out to the WORLD FAMOUS SAN DIEGO ZOO! Lots of fun AGAIN! The Alaskan Brown Bears are freaking HUGE!!! I gave the Canadian Moose Salute to my Polar Bear brothers and just had an absolute BLAST. Then Cindy and I went to dinner at her favourite spot, Bucco di Peppo's, where the meatballs are the size of my fist and I had the BEST CHIANTI EVER. Oh and more Trigun.

Oh, and jetlag sucks. Nearly passing out at 9:00 PM and being wide awake at 4:00 AM is kinda silly.

Friday we were up early and OFF TO JEN'S!! Lots of fun, the road trip is fast with great company! And show tunes! at Jen's we are TACKLED BY KYT!! And I met the infamous Captain Kitchen, as well as the rest of Jen's Unruly Brood!

Shing shows up with her third leg and many more fine folks and Jen arrives and sugar and fun and costuming up for the Harry Potter premiere!!

It was my first time at a movie in costume. I am now, more than ever, a complete and UTTER geek.


I can die a happy happy geek, for I have seen both Jen AND Cindy in schoolgirl outfits.

Okay, so the movie was alright. WHO AM I KIDDING?! I loved it!! I'm still trying to figure out if I like or dislike that the set designs and location shots were all different. I think I like it. But Expecto Patronum gave me CHILLS. CHILLS I TELL YOU!!

Back to Jen's for pizza and Eddie Izzard.

Alcatraz. Le chat est sur la chaise. No flag, no country.

Now I am one of you. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Saturday was DISNEYLAND DAY!!! YAY US!! We went on so many rides - Jungle Adventure with corny corny puns, Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours (WOO!), Haunted Mansion (twice), Pirates of the Caribbean (twice, yer scury dogs, yo ho!), Indiana JONES (WOOOOOOO!!!! I could ride that ride all day long and not get bored of it!), Peter Pan, Mister Toad's Bad Acid Trip, Mark Twain's Riverboat Ride, and we saw part of Fantasmic, their nightly show, where they project movies on water spray! VERY COOL EFFECT! Next time I am BRINGING MORE MONEY.

Sunday came and time to go... I got all emotional of course, but I had SUCH a great time with everyone that it wasn't goodbye, it was I'll see you again soon.

Thanks to Jen for hostessing a GREAT Harry Potter party, and for giving such a great tour of Disneyland.

Thanks to Jen's family for being such a cool bunch of swell people!

Thanks to Kyt and Shing and Patrick and everyone for being such a KICK ASS gang of geeks. (Side note: What's a gang of geeks? A murder? A gaggle? ...!! How about: "A tribble of geeks!!") Thanks for being such a GREAT tribble of geeks!

And especially, thanks to Cindy for being such a wonderful, amazing friend. Cindy, you SO rock it's indescribable. I am already missing you!

The plane ride back was less wonderful. Aisle seats are less good than I thought they would be, and the flight out of San Diego was only slightly marred by a kid screaming for his Mom and to go home and to turn the plane around the whole time we taxied to the runway. Many passengers expressed amazement that the kid had such good lungs, and some people were getting upset, until he said "Give me my cellphone, I wanna call the Captain!" Much laughter to defuse the situation. A little bit of turbulence (not as bad as Big Thunder Mountain though) was the big event.

And then from Detroit to Montreal we had the ONLY cute flight attendant I saw the whole trip. Montreal is BEAUTIFUL from the sky.

The ONLY bad part of my trip came during Canadian Customs, where the bitch behind the desk made me get out of line to fill in my Declaration Card, then gave me a hard time about my attitude, and if I didn't like it, "that's JUST TOO BAD." Bitch. Bus it back home and the roomie's painted my hallway! O.O Very cool!

All in all, this was the BEST vacation I have EVER had. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Jun. 6th, 2004


A Canuck Amok

Updated from Sunny California!

Balboa Park San Diego Zoo Jen's HP Party ( I met Kyt and Shing!) Harry Potter!!! Eddie Izzard DISNEYLAND!!

Thanks to Cindy for being such a great hostess and tour guide! Thanks to Jen and all her brood for throwing a great party! Thanks to Calfornia for not having any earthquakes!

More updates when I get home!

May. 31st, 2004



So the Annual Superhero Costume Party has come and gone...

Nothing to look forward to...

Oh wait, there's crzydemona's Harry Potter Party!


All costumes, all the time baby!!

OOO!! Then there's the Masquerade at Gathering!

And Halloween!

And then Superhero Costume Party 2005 next May! WOO!!

*is becoming addicted to cosplay*

Talyesin Update... and heeeere's TAL!

Okay, so I started training for my new job. Seems pretty much what I expected, opening and closing mortgages in Ontario. Woo, I know. But still, I was excited to be learning something new! My new team seems pretty cool, much less nick-name-able than the last gang, so I'll have to think on that.

In less than 48 hours I'll be in California.


I called to confirm my flight and got to talking with the help-desk lady and asked her about the weather (ie tornado activity) in the Mid-West, and, I shit thee not, she said "Oh, we've had weather..."

May. 30th, 2004


LOOK! Up in the SKY!!

I belong to the COOLEST CLUB EVER.

Last night: Scott and Ceri's Third Annual Superhero Costume Party

In attendance:

Flashes of Two Worlds
The Riddler
Scarlet Witch
Poison Ivy
The Bowler
Lady Deathstrike
Jack Hawksmoor
a Man in Black
Static Cling
and Listerine!

Ed: And HOW could I have forgotten?!: ROCKET ROBIN HOOD!

Some costumes were very elaborate and gorgeously done. Some costumes were very simple and effectively done. EVERYONE LOOKED AMAZING!!

DAYUM, women in superhero costumes are HOT...

May. 28th, 2004


Today was odd. And long.

I spent the majority of the day doing normal stuff, occasionally interupted by cleaning up my desk and assigning my daily tasks to the other people in the department, giving explanations where necessary.

I start a new job on Monday, but I didn't have to say goodbye to anyone, given that I'm still on the same floor as my old department. So while I was leaving, I wasn't really leaving.

*shakes his head in confusion*

But I realized today that next week, while I'm on vacation, I'll be earning my new higher salary! Woo!

Anyhow. So tired, and I have the rest of my costume for Scott and Ceri's Third Annual Superhero Party to finish (pics as soon as I can! Yes, ladies, I'll be in tight pants!)...

Later y'all!

May. 27th, 2004


(no subject)

Thanks everyone for your kind words of encouragement and congratulations on my promotion!

May. 26th, 2004



So today the Gorgeous Manager called me into the office.

I was surprised - I hadn't foreseen this at all. I wondered what she had to talk to me about.

She told me that she'd been speaking to our VP and the other Manager. She told them that she needed another S3 (Senior Clerk) in the Ontario Department. They agreed.

She told me the position was mine if I wanted it.

I said, Yes.


"At the National Bank I made such a mark,
That they gave me the post of a senior clerk..."

I start Monday. Wednesday I leave for California.


Oh, and Little Blonde Cutie in front of me was wearing low-riders and a thong today... all in all a very good day!

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