Sep. 26th, 2006


Well, that's that

Moved into new place. Bed up, curtains up, computer updated thanks to timely IT assistance from cousin.

Sure do wish I had been smart when I packed my stereo cables. Alas. Well, there's only 30 boxes or so to go through.

Shih tzus are cute, soft, cuddly, and their licking tickles.

Sep. 25th, 2006


Almost there...

First post from the new place. Intarwubs working like a charm. Bedroom at 80%. Stereo to hook up and then back again, back again, jiggety jig, to the old apartment.

... so tired...

... stay on target...

Sep. 22nd, 2006



You know, for someone who espouses a lack-of-material-goods philosophy, who's moved SEVEN TIMES in the last two years, I have a lot of crap.


By the end of this fucking move, I'll have done two loads in a pickup truck, and five loads in various cars. Possibly six, thankyouverymuch monster plant.

I rather imagine a HUGE filtering process once I'm at the new place.

Expect a lot of regifts in the near future, folks.

Sep. 13th, 2006


An Announcement

After this move, I am Officially Retiring From Moving.

You'll have to sort yourselves out from now on.