Dec. 29th, 2003


LotR:RotK critique...

A few words from Motley Moose, my good friend and longtime boon companion, who just happens to be one of the most bitter and jaded anti-romantic people on the planet... I'll spare you the rest of his criticisms, because quite frankly they're mostly unfounded and show a disconcerting ignorance of the geekdom. How he could hang with me for so many years and not have some of the finer distinctions... anyway. Here it is, the only part I agreed with:

"And Aragorn, though cool, could've had Miranda Otto between the sheets instead of some Elf we could care less about. You fool! This is a king? Miranda Otto kicks ass! She slew that dragon-riding black knight dude, and his dragon!"

Aug. 30th, 2003


Old friends

There's a certain comfort and joy from hanging with old friends.

I spent today hanging at La Ronde with me mates, The Guys. Mikey, Motley, Teeeeee!, Dee-bor and his SO Dessie, Motley's bro Derril, and Motley's friend Catherine. Yes, only the new girl doesn't have a nickname...

We spent the day being the same old guys we've always been. We haven't really changed all that significantly since we were kids - our life paths have diverged but we're still able to get together and have a great time. Catherine pointed out that we're "so mean to each other!" But we're not mean, despite the awful, awful, occassionally hurtful things we say; we know we don't mean it. I mean, something like "I never thought it was possible for you to be more of a complete fucking idiot, but I was wrong." Could be the start of a brilliant fist fight. Instead, it's greeted by a smile and a chuckle. Or a really ripping insult is openly acknowledged with a laughing "Good one..."

Old friends. They rock and/or roll. I spent so much time laughing today my face and throat hurt.

Best line of the day: (Referring to the new Sprite Ice) "So who's ass DOES it taste like?"

P.S. Sapph: When you come up for The Gathering, we HAVE to go to La Ronde. I tried a couple of the new rides and they're GREAT. I even tried a couple roller coasters! The new roller coaster, The Vampire, ROCKS!! (Those of you who know a bit about my gaming past know how thoroughly amused I am that there's a roller coaster called The Vampire here in Montreal...) Also, winner of the Lamest Roller Coaster Ever Award, Second Time Running, The Dragon! So bad I spent the whole time laughing!