Mar. 25th, 2007


Who WOULD fardels bear?

Slings & Arrows is a brilliant piece of Canadian television with fine performances from a stellar cast, notably Paul Gross as a decidedly un-Constable Frasier-like actor-turned-director. It chronicles the attempts of the New Burbage Festival to put on Shakespeare's works (in season one, it's Hamlet).

And it's reminded me why I loved theatre. Dammit.

It's also reminded me why theatre very nearly gave me a nervous breakdown of my own, but primarily it's reminded me of the passion and the drama and the tradition and the excitement and the nerves and the applause.

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

Sep. 16th, 2002


Who do I thank?

So I'm sitting watching the premiere of Everwood and thinking to myself, I have a great job working for pretty good money with great friends, there's a wonderful new woman in my life, and can it get better? Then I remember...


In the cupboard. A new bag of chips I bought last week that I hadn't got to yet.

So I'm pretty convinced that the only way things could get better is if the bank decided to spontaneously absolve all my debts.

This probably won't last, but I'm determined to enjoy the ride while it does.

Anyone know who I have to thank for all this? 'Cause I'd like to send them a Thank You card or something.