Jun. 24th, 2007


Wonderfully civilized

Yesterday was a great day, spent in excellent company, watching dear friends tie the knot. Rum punch and finger food in the shade, string/flute trio playing Gilbert and Sullivan (and other, British Airways/Linen Chest stuff), wait staff refilling our glasses... definitely something I could get used to.

Yes, I cried. I always cry at weddings. Beautiful ceremony. Beautiful day. Beautiful bride and maid of honour. Food was amazing.

Just an absolutely great day.

Aug. 31st, 2003


A beautiful magical wedding

Shenlo and Joane got married this morning.

There's something wonderful about a morning service - beautiful weather, good friends, being invited to share the joy of two wonderful people... An afternoon of good food and the good company of good friends...

Yeah, I cried. I always cry at weddings.


May. 12th, 2003


Time for the Talyesin Update!

So today I started my job as Operations Manager (read: Head Shipper) of a cloth wholesaler. Before you ask, yes, I can get cloth at wholesale prices.;) Anyhow, I'm really sore from unaccustomed exercise. But I'm hoping that it'll burn off some of the flab I've gained the past few years. And it pays more than I'm making on unemployment, so... Anyhow.

Karine and Adam got married (but everyone reading this was probably there, so I'll not gush about how beautiful she was and how happy Adam looked and all that. Suffice it to say it was a great party and fantastic to finally put faces to your names and voices to your words! And making new friends too! What a great way to spend a gorgeous Saturday!

Nothing else is new. I'm actually looking forward to the Gargoyle Con (even though I'm not into Gargs) so I can see you all again!

Anyhow, gotta go. Supper calls!